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The FOTAG Fabulous Picture Show 2017

The FOTAG Committee invites all artists to start planning for the Fabulous Picture Show - an annual auction held to raise funds for the purchase of new art works for the Tatham Art Gallery’s permanent collection. Your donation will assist the continued growth of this art collection.

  1. Artists donate up to three original, unframed works of art to FOTAG.

  2. Signed, editioned, original digital prints are welcomed, but not prints of existing originals.

  3. Boards and canvases are restricted to a maximum standard A4 only (21 x 29.7cm).

  4. Works on paper: the image should be no bigger than 13 x 21.7cm, to allow for mounting and framing.

  5. All 2D art works in the prescribed sizes will be framed by FOTAG, and hung by Gallery staff.

  6. 3D works are also welcome, size not to exceed A4 dimensions.

  7. Acceptance of art work is at the discretion of the FOTAG Committee.

  8. Art works will be loaded onto the FOTAG website by 10h00 on Sunday 12 November.

  9. Artists will be offered rst option should their art works not be sold at the auction.


Gallery staff will be available to accept work from 14h00 to 16h00, on all Tuesdays in September and the rst two Tuesdays in October.

Final submissions deadline
Saturday 14 October 2017, between 09h00 and 14h00.

Another option is to post your art work to:
Tatham Art Gallery. P.O. Box 321, Pietermaritzburg 3200.


Sunday 12 November 14h00, until Friday 24 November 16h00.

Exhibition is open 09h00 – 16h00 daily, excluding Mondays Silent bidding from Thursday 23 November at 10h00.


Friday 24 November at 18h00 for 18h30 (doors open at 18h00).

All art works will be sold on the night. There is a reserve price of R250 on every art work and the auction is silent up to R800, after which art works are sold by live auction. Should you be unable to attend, proxy bids can be arranged.

ENQUIRIES or 033 392 2825 (mornings only)



Here are the results from


114 Artists donated a total of 239 artworks to the Fabulous Picture Show.

Total Amount raised after costs: R 106 200.00

The top ten selling individual artworks are as follows:

Terence King            Littoral II            Acrylic on paper        R5000

Heather Gourlay-Conyngham    Listening to Ballade No. 1    Oil on linen    R        4250

Heather Gourlay-Conyngham    Figure Study            Watercolour on paper        R4250

Jinny Heath            Geisha's Gate            Etching with chine colle        R3750

Terence King            In an Uncertain Light        Acrylic on paper        R3600

Pamela    Fourie            Kitchen Stuff            Watercolour on paper        R3500

Diamond Bozas            Study of Euphorbia at Pobane Dam, Nkwalini        Watercolour on paper         R3250

Hussein    Salim            Spring                Acrylic on paper        R2750

Hussein    Salim            Symbols             Acrylic on paper        R2750

Shan Jacobs            South of Bloemfontein 2    Mixed media            R2500



The top ten sellers (some of whom donated more than one work) are as follows:

Hussein Salim            R11 000
Terence King            R8 600
Heather Gourlay-Conyngham    R8 500
Shan Jacobs   R6 750
Pamela Fourie            R6 300
Siyabonga Sikosana        R6 100
Diamond Bozas            R4 850
Kobie Venter             R4 150
Terri Broll            R3 750
Jinny Heath            R3 750

 Enquiries:  Tel: 033 392 2825 (mornings only)

This event is an annual fundraising auction held in Pietermaritzburg, to raise funds for the purchase of new artworks for the Tatham Art Gallery permanent collection.  It is essential for an art museum collection to grow on a regular basis, in order to reflect the dynamic nature of South African artistic production.  Without a purchasing budget and ongoing acquisitions, the collection would remain stagnant. 



105 Artists donated a total of 206 artworks to the Fabulous Picture Show.

Total Amount raised after costs: R 83 047.98

These are the top ten selling individual artworks :